Best Parkour Gloves: The Ultimate Traceur Guide

Parkour is a new sport and workout trend which include jumping, climbing, crawling, fast movement from one place to another and running over an uneven surface. Parkour need perfect training for one to be a part of parkour for this training he needs gloves so in this article I will mention best parkour gloves that can be used for parkour.

Why Should You Wear Parkour Gloves?

As we all know that parkour is a type of workout, so for workout it is important that we should wear perfect clothing, now in clothing, we have a lot of things but here I will talk about gloves that why should we wear parkour gloves for training. The reason that why we should use best parkour gloves for parkour training is as follow:

  • We use parkour gloves to provide fraction on a slippery surface.
  • We use parkour gloves to provide better grip.
  • We use parkour gloves to avoid injuries.
  • We use parkour gloves to protect our hand in winter training.


Why Is It Important To Protect Your Hands?

While doing parkour it is not important that the surface you are encountering with will be kind to your hands. Parkour is a kind of sport in which we encounter with everything that surrounds us it can be in the form of iron, wood, steel. The thing that I mentioned it is very harmful to our bare hands, so for avoiding hand injury we have to use gloves for parkour. As important as it is to find suitable footwear for parkour it is also important to find best parkour gloves for the reason to protect our hand and to get more support from it.

Do They Have To Be Parkour Gloves?

Parkour gloves are made in a way to enable you to be in control. There is a whole lot difference between every day, average gloves, and parkour gloves. If we will use gloves that we use in our daily life will be danger for us rather than helpful and using gloves that are not designed for parkour can be burden on you and it can be a big obstacle in your path. Using gloves that are suitable for parkour can be used for other sport such as weightlifting and CrossFit. For some people, I don’t know what to look for in parkour gloves but in this article, I will identify and write on the best parkour gloves that are available in the market and I will highlight there features in front of you.


Factors to Consider When Buying Best Parkour Gloves

Factors to consider are as follow for Best parkour gloves:

  • Good Grip: Parkour needs a perfect grip. Always choose gloves that have a non-slip material used in their fingers. It will prevent your hand from slipping and will help your hand when they will sweaty and will provide the best grip.
  • Right size: when you are choosing parkour gloves for yourself so you need to pick the right glove with right size because size matter a lot in everything.
  • Perfect style: There are two types of parkour gloves available in the market full-finger and half-finger gloves so it is up to you that which type of glove do you choose.


Women Parkour Gloves

While we are talking about parkour gloves so it is not important that only men can do parkour, women are also a part of parkour. Everything that I mentioned above about gloves is the same for women parkour gloves except few things.

  • Size of the gloves: Men have very wide hands as compared to women’s hand so due to this women cannot use gloves that are used by men’s, for this reason, women should buy gloves that are made for women hand and according to women hand size.
  • Weight of the gloves: As we all know that men’s have wider and thicker hand, and they are usually powerful then women’s, and while gloves that are made for men’s are made a bit heavy and consist of thicker material as compared to women’s gloves, therefore weight of a glove can be a major obstacle in women’s way.


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